Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Review - Golf Free for Life and Get Paid to Play

Golf FREE for life and get paid to play.

Ken Hammond writes his book from personal experience in the golfing ‘industry’. I know golf is a sport but you will realize that golf is really a multi-million dollar, if not billion dollar, a year business. It is in fact the it is the fastest growing participation sport in the world. That’s why I say golfing ‘industry’. Understanding this key point is something Ken emphasizes in the introduction to his book.

After spending a page or so giving his introduction and explaining how he personally got a revelation of how this system could work Ken dives straight into the system, the methodology if you like, and how it works. Explaining everything in a easy to follow step by step layout. I did note that in the number of his notes there is no step 2, however in reading more closely I realize it is there, it just hasn’t been numbered like the other steps have been.

Ken walks you through everything from initial preparation, getting your free games and even how to get paid. A concluding section gives you some key helpful tips so that there is nothing stopping you to getting free games for as often as you like and get paid for doing it.

Ken lays the process out in a very easy to follow manner. Taking you through everything step by step. Best thing is it is not a long read but the gems it contains will mean you will never approach playing golf the same way again. And yes, your book is more than paid for with your first round. Ken also throws some free bonuses which can be accessed by clicking a link on the first page.

I give Ken top marks for content but found that the presentation and the lack of consistency in layout a bit of a distraction. After viewing the seller description page, seeing the design, I was expecting the book to be similar in it’s presentation and tasteful use of graphics, text and white space. I was also a little surprised at how short the book was. I have bought many ebooks and it has taken me ages to get through them sometimes. Not this time. We all want the ‘gold’ without the fluff and this is full of ‘gold’, so being a short publication is probably actually a positive.

Worth it?
When I access whether something is worth the asking price I look at the cost compared with what return I can expect. I apply the ROI principle. What will be my return on investment? We all know that golf games don’t come cheaply especially on the better courses and this is the type of course Ken is teaching you to play on. You investment in this book will be easily covered even before you have finished your first round.

Affiliate Program
Ken does have an affiliate program that you can join. Contact me for details if you are interested in joining and I can give you information on how to get started.

I haven’t seen anywhere that would indicate the Ken has a newsletter available but that could change at any time. If I do become aware of a newsletter I will post here so that you are notified.

Money Back Guarantee?
Ken does offer an ironclad guarantee of 100% for 3 full months. He is confident that if anyone puts into action what he teaches in his book they can be making a great deal of money from doing so. So yes, he promises an all your money back, no questions asked guarantee.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Sunday, January 28, 2007

How to get Golf Games for Free

How to get Free Golf Games

When you read a title like ‘How to Get FREE Golf Games and How to Get Paid to Play’, what goes on in your mind? Do you think you are going to have to be a scratch golfer? Or that you are going to have to do some quick talking and some gambling on the course to get your free game (and then only if you win the bet)? Maybe you think that you are going to have to elevate yourself to celebrity or VIP status to get yourself in the ‘door’ for those free golf games. It may cross your mind that you are going to have to sell ‘gold golf tees signed my Tiger Woods’ (or some other gimmicky product) to other golfers you meet on the course so that by the end of the day you are in profit.

What you need to know is that to play free golf games doesn’t require you to do anything of these things. While any of the above would probably work if you had the gift of the gap, excellent sales skills and the golf club approval, getting free golf games doesn’t involve any of these schemes. Thankfully it is much easier than that.

Imagine rolling up to a golf club hoping to get a free golf game but having to go through the performance of demonstrating or proving that you are a scratch player. (A scratch player is a golfer who does not require a handicap, such as a professional.) And hey, how many of us could honestly say that we are at that level anyway? This isn’t something that is going to work for any of us who are playing rounds of golf in the low 90’s or even higher. But still, getting a free game of golf is a reality.

For us ‘Joe Blogs’ we can’t roll up to our favorite golf club and expect the red carpet treatment, our celebrity status is restricted to being the world’s best mum or dad in the eyes of our wide eyed pre-school and/or elementary kids or being told to have a nice day by the checkout clerk. We are a VIP, more like a VIC (very important customer), when we spend more than $100 in one go at WalMart. VIP status is not something that is going to get us free gold games anytime soon. Not to worry though, there are ways to get that free game of golf.

I am not sure about you but selling is not one of my strong points. What is the percentage of people who are sales-types – something like 2-3% of the population. Even if you are a sales-type, going out on the golf course is not the world’s most conducive sales environment right? People are out on the course to relax and enjoy themselves. Getting sales to get our free game of golf is just not going to work. Though you may come off the golf course with a number of slightly altered golf clubs (emphasis on the clubs). No, I am not on about selling to make money to get into profit to effectively get a free game of golf. There are ways it can be done without resorting to any of these ways and means.

In my next post or so I will reveal just how to get your free game of golf and more.

Thursday, January 25, 2007


I know that if you are anything like me, when it comes to playing golf things don't come any better than getting free golf games. Here you will learn how to get free golf games and also how you can get paid to play golf.